Curtis Marlow Elmore of Gainesville, Florida, and Santa Monica, California

Curtis Elmore Law

Curtis Elmore Law, P.A.

Curtis Elmore Law, P.A is a full service law firm in Florida

engaged primarily in foreclosure defense, and criminal defense.

Call 352-374-8411 for assistance.

The Jimmy Done Show

The Jimmy Doane Show

The Jimmy Doane Show is a weekly podcast on which

Curtis acted as legal analyst for over 200 shows.

The show is curently rebooting.

Counselor Curtis

Counselor Curtis is a collection of original essays and

recordings on current events and political topics.

Channel Curtis

Channel Curtis

coming soon

Lads In Space

Lads In Space

Lads in Space is an original skit series.

Easy Math Gif

Super Math

Super Math is the newest and best method of multiplication.

I've studied them all from finger math to partial products, and

Super Math is the way forward. It reinforces times tables,

it checks at a glance, and it's easier, faster, and more accurate

than anything. Try it.