If you need to sell something, I can help.

 Not just because I've been watching commercials since I was a kid, but also because I'm a writer and copywriter. I've studied all of David Ogilvy's books and everyone in his bibliographies including John Caples (Tested Advertising Methods), Claud Hopkins (Sceintific Advertising), Roman, Rafaelson, and Rudolph Flesch (How to Write, Speak, and Think More Effectively.) This all means I can write copy that sells. Oh, and I have a degree in English from a prominent institution of higher education, fwiw.

Former T.V. Ad Instructor

 I trained models to be effective communicators in Advertisements as one of my first jobs out of highschool. I taught Acting in the Million Dollar Minute, by Tom Logan. I can deliver copy cold. 

Hypnosis Trained

 I've studied everyone from Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Connierea Andreas, L. Ron Hubbard (no, I'm not) to Tony Robbins and everyone inbetween, and I am certified in NLP. 

Promote current deals

 I can do accents from around the world: Austrailian, Austrian, British Isles (RP, HRP, London, Irish (Belfast), Scottish (Edinborough)), Canadian, Colombian, Cuban, Dutch, (Not French), German, Hispanic (Varieties), Italian, Japanese (It's ok), Korean, New York (It's practically a foreign country), Russian, Vietnamese off the top of my head, and if I can hear the accent, I can usually imitate it on the spot. 


 I hear voices, but that's not the point. I can Do voices, and not just the scary ones. 


I'm a Second Tenor with perfect pitch and I can memorize quickly.