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JDS -  2018-Oct-14th


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Jimmy Doane

The OG Podcaster, Jimmy had a podcast in 2003, and over 200 episodes before the iphone came out - a little too early. 

Jimmy was born in a wealthy D.C. enclave the great great grandson of a United States Senator and U.S. Supreme Court Justice. 

Jimmy attended swanky Landon prep school, but did not associate with the girls from Holton Arms. 

Counselor Curtis

Counselor Curtis

  • J.D. U.M. 1999
  • Delegate to the Libertarian National Convention 2008
  • Private practice for 15 years
  • MENSA Asst. Loc. Sec, S.I.G.H.T coordinator for N. FL.
  • Author of 3 books: Black and Blue Lives: How to Survive and Reform American Criminal Justice; Freepublic: The Demise of Military Governments and the rise of Volunteerism; and Easy Math: A revolutionary way to do math more easily that practically makes you smarter.

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