SnakeBit at 4yoa

I've been an actor all my life. Ever since my first big laugh in front of 400 at The Great Souther Music Hall during a prodution of A Christmas Carrol I've been passionate about acting. Didn't do shit about it until recently, but I was passionate.

Method Actor

Stanislavski is a personal hero of mine. I've read his works, and put them into practice. And I can also just act.


I'm a second tenor with perfect pitch. I sing in the church choir and cantor regularly. I can memorize a song as fast as anyone in the choir second row left side.


I've had my share of classes, and paid dues in all levels of productions.

Registered with Central Casting

I've spent time on big sets doing bg work in Atlanta, so I know the drill, and I'm currently registered with Central Casting, the big guns.


I've written and directed many short indi films.  List available upon request.