The Jimmy Doane Show

 I produce a bi-weekly political-talk podcast called The Jimmy Doane Show. We started podcasting around 2000, years before the iPod and more years before the iPhone, Way too early. "There is no audience for long-form podcasts" I was told at the Radio and TV Awards in NYC in 2007. 

I am Counselor Curtis, esq., et. al.

I am and have always been the legal analyst for the show. These days I am also the camera operator, sound engineer, light grip, sfx editor, director, set decorator, wardrobe supervisor, and software technician for each podcast.

Over 500 Shows

 We don't know how many shows we've done at this point, but a conservative estimate is 500, so I call our current effort season five, but we've probably had about ten iterations of the show. Most previous shows were audio only. The longest running was a pure audio 4-man show intermittenly narrowcast on various early podcast platforms about every three weeks. Today's show is a two-man video format streamed live twice a week on Fb, and available on Youtube and Twitter. Also available in audio format at Libsyn, Luminary, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, and around the Web.

#1 before it mattered

 We were the number one podcast for years when only our true geek friends could listen to us. 

These days

We are Live 2 times a week these days at 4pm Eastern (GMT-5) on Fb

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