Punch-Up Writer

Lads in Space


I wrote all the scripts for Lads in Space, an original sketch comedy about a band of space-faring Scottsmen searching the galaxy for the perfect ingredients to distill.

Marlow's Movie Reviews


As my alter-ego Marlow Hoppe, I write movie reviews which are published in a local club newsletter and a major Hollywood industry magazine. 

Original Standup Comedy


All of my standup material is original.



I've written a few very short books: A book on Liberty, one on Natural Rights, another on Criminal Justice reform, one on a new math notation system, and an epic poem about some kind of bug-like creature, with music. All available on Amazon under my name.



I write advertisements. Some are real, and some are parody. I perform an ad on each Jimmy Doane Show that I wrote. I also write video ads.



I create websites. Back in the day we used to build them by hand, with tiny digital hammers, but nowadays kids have made it easy with these webbuilder tools...so my skills are outdated now. Anyone need help with their Abacus?